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Teamwork. Big feelings. Navigating sibling rivalry. 

#perspective #lifegoals
🌈 rainbows as I listen to my kids navigate their big feelings. Letting them work it out can sometimes be hard to listen to. I know it’s important for them to learn these skills. Sometimes I mediate. Sometimes I model. Sometimes I give them space to do it all their own - through the muck, frustration, and harrrrrrrd parts. #growing #up #trusttheprocessAfter listening to the #bigfeelings in the other room. Layla came in to ask me if I would set up a scavenger hunt for them. I didn’t want to, #momtruth buuuuuuuut.... then I remembered how difficult it was just moments sooner to #getalong. I told her my apprehension “how can I focus on doing this when you are all having a really difficult time getting along right now?” She offered to read to the littles on the couch while I made the #scavengerhunt prompts. *deepbreath* <this isn’t gonna go well was what I was actually thinking in my head.> but I agreed as long as things didn’t escalate again. She grabbed four…

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