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No Means No - Know It

Okay. Help.
This seems so silly. But I'm outside at a Rec center tonight and a group of teens is here. I'm just doing my thing and they are endlessly teasing this one young woman. They keep taking her keys, playing keep away with them, throwing them into a tree, throwing them away from her. She is chasing them. Asking them to stop. But also totally playing the game. 
It feels like preschool antics. 
And it reminds me of what we teach. About consent. I have let it go on for over 20 minutes and I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the game. These are older teens. Mid-late high school would be my guess. They are bullying her. And maybe it's because they "like" her and it's attention-seeking πŸ™„. Maybe they feel really powerful because they can physically climb higher than she can and they get their kicks from seeing her struggle. πŸ™„ maybe it's innocent "fun." πŸ™„ I know these things went on when I was "a young kid" and I wonder if the…

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