Sunday, August 2, 2015

Doodle A Day - Start

It started when I signed up for Judy DeYpung's #DoodleDaysOfSummer. Learn more about it here:

I began my #DoodleADay August 1st. I'm excited about holding myself to some kind of journaling entry every day for a month. It may even be difficult to stop at only one. I allow myself a confined space on my sketchbook page... It somehow feels less daunting this way. Sometimes I wonder how I can choose just one thing to say, draw, or capture in my 3x3" space. Today it came to me AS SOON AS I woke up. Lincoln smiled at me when my eyes opened and I couldn't help but smile ... One of those deep, contented smiles ... And I thought: everyone should begin their every day like this. Smiling. Heart-smiling. So I will leave you all with this thought for the day. 

Start Each Day With A Smile.

(And a Smiling Heart)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Movie Night Turned Family Scripting Night

Big Kid Movie Night - not what we expected. But fun memories for sure <3

Tonight we had a movie night. After finally agreeing on a movie (selecting a movie title from a hat) we watched for about 30 minutes before the sound went out. Just the sound. The picture was fine. But there was no sound. At this point it was already way to late to be watching a movie, let alone starting a new movie so we just sat, and watched....a soundless movie. As we watched we made up our own words. Our own songs. Our own dialogue. For at least another hour of the movie....until the end.

The "scary" parts were less scary. 

There were silly, humorous parts where there may not have been scripted.

We made do. We rolled with it. Instead of stomping our feet and getting upset/angry ... We made it a fun collaboration - a cinematic experience.


Christmas In July Giveaway Winner Announcement and COUPON

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Excited to announce that, for those of us who didn't win the grand prize, I have created a special coupon code !!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Magic Marshmallow Nights

There really is magic in every day. I think, in the crazy, busyness of life we overlook it so frequently we almost deny that magic exists. But it does. It surrounds us. How do I know this?

I have children.

Children who inspire me to see the world with fresh eyes.

Children who guide me to view life with bright, wide, open eyes.

Children who remind me to slow down on days I most hurry along.

To show me things.

Like raindrops dripping down the trunk of a smooth-bark-tree.

Like lady bugs.

And painted toes.

And lace-shaped leaves.

And Fairy-Houses.

And trickling streams. 

Children who urge me to slow down, even on days I *think* I need most to speed up - get it all done - cross all the things off my list.

Today I am reminded of how young 7 is....and yet, how much 7 changes things. How old 7 can be. Today I am reminded that these slow-downs are way more important and connecting and rewarding than all the speed-ups and list-checks combined. 

Slow down, Mama. Slow way down. 

Look for the magic.

Be inspired by the nearly there and nearly forgotten enchantment of a new day. Another breath. A fire ember. A butterfly. A kayak-ride on an empty lake with just you and your wee ones - full, undivided attention.

You will never slow down to soak in the wonder of their company and wish you hadn't. 

So soak in the swim days and marshmallow nights and hammock rides.

I promise you will surround yourself with magic when you slow long enough to see it.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Mama May i Christmas in July Giveaway

Today is July 25, do you know what that means?

Only 6 more months until Christmas!

We decided to host a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY to Celebrate Christmas in July!

Mama May i will be giving away over $200 in products!

We need a little Christmas....right this very instant! 

Mama May I Christmas in July Giveaway!

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Monday, July 20, 2015


I had never eaten Tabbouleh ... until recently. Some good friends introduced it to me, on a lunch play date, in this medley. I am so excited and so grateful to be building my meatless recipe repertoire. I love having new, healthy, go-to options - especially ones that have a lot of plant-based protein. I have been trying to expand my food favorites to include more vegetarian options.

This combination has saved me from stopping for fast food - Even on long road trips! Easy enough for me to dip, dip, crunch ... with one hand. 

So, what is it tabbouleh?

According to Wikipedia ( ) :

"Tabbouleh (Arabicتبولة tabūlah; alsotabouleh or tab(b)ouli) is a Levantinevegetarian dish (sometimes considered a salad) traditionally made of tomatoes, finely chopped parsleymintbulgur andonion, and seasoned with olive oil,lemon juice, and salt. Some variations add garlic or lettuce, or use couscousinstead of bulgur."

Here is a Recipe I found on The Wanderlust Kitchen that looks beautifully delicious! ( link: )

I haven't made it myself yet, but this recipe seems easy enough and looks incredibly yummy. I buy the fresh-packed tabbouleh from WholeFoods. I make quinoa at home and then combine the tabbouleh and quinoa together (for extra protein!) and store it in the fridge. 

I have been eating it with red-roasted-pepper hummus (also fresh-packed at WholeFoods) and their 365 brand Seaweed rice crackers. 

I love following through on the commitment to nourish my body with healthy foods. And it has been exciting finding more plant-based foods that help fill and fuel my body. When I follow through on healthy choices it makes me feel more at ease inside - invigorated, even. Joyful. 

The best part - my children enjoy this combination as well! Yummy!

Nourish your Body, Nourish your Self. Enjoy! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Featured Product - Balance Balls

I made it to Grandma's house this week to get inventory under control and while we were hanging out [playing] in the new stock room the kids were pulling out products from their bins and playing. And Lincoln (almost 2) found the Balance Balls. At first he was content to grab each bag (packaged) and bring them over to the shipping counter where the girls were "playing toy store". After several trips to and fro' he found one with a loose bow and managed to untie, and loosen the top. And that's when the magic began.

He pulled out each of the pieces as he oh so carefully investigated their sizes, colors, and forms. He checked all sides of each piece before putting them one-by-one on the floor.

And then he began to fit them together. Not matching the colors at first...just knocking the pieces together, making music. Until one piece stood ontop of the other and they became "blocks". And then he learned that the balls didn't wiggle and roll away if set upon the tops of their pedestals. And they it was his mission to stack each ball on top.

Not long into his set up, his knee knocked a ball from it's place and it went scurrying across the floor. And then a new game of chase began. He set them up only to flick them with his hands and fingers across the floor to see where they would end up.

The girls took two pedestals and made them goal posts and they flicked the different colors across the floor hoping to make to goal. 

I love watching my children play with the toys I've created. I am always amazed by their Focus. Attention. Thought. Curiosity. Imagination. And Action.

Their playful work inspires me every day.