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Teach Your Children That Self Care is Not Selfish - Mindful MOMents with Jessica Perkins

You may not be able to see what it says. I couldn’t at first. It’s written, mirrored.... it says “I love my family”. She had a reallllllllly hard time choosing self care (sleep, ease, taking time) for herself today instead of going to visit Family. She was afraid she would disappoint other people. Afraid she would hurt Dad’s feelings. Afraid to miss out on time spent with Dad because his work schedule is so full. Worried that people would be mad at her for not showing up. She was weepy. And upset. And overtired. And it really was in her best interest to stay behind, but the guilt she felt made it a really challenging decision. And one I did not want to influence. Reluctantly, weeping, she chose self care and her sanity and her restfulness. And we had a beautiful conversation about the things I just mentioned above. About how many people don’t realize the value of self care. And some people think it’s selfish. And how, if someone who loves you can’t understand or respect your need for …

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