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Spread Happy and Play the Glad Game - Mindful Moments with Mama May i 

Spread Happy.Today's Action.Today I had the privilege of taking my 7-year old (alone) on errands with me. Wow. One. One, older so easy and light to travel with. She's so self-sufficient. Buckling and unbuckling...alone. Helping open doors and carrying things. We actually talked and I was able to listen. Really listen. The way I can't when two other, highly spirited, younger children are around.We stopped at the coffee shop on our way - an eta of 5 minutes turned into GRIDLOCK traffic due to a parade and it actually took us 45 minutes.

FORTY FIVE minutes.Car horns blaring. People getting out of their cars, scratching their heads. Yelling at each other. No one letting any cars into the line of traffic because they didn't want to get stuck one car further down. More beeping. Finally, I turned the find yet another dead end, another road block, more grid lock and more of the same - frustrated drivers, lashing out at each other - at their passengers - …

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