Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Orchard

Layla went to the Orchard for the first time this weekend. She absolutely loved seeing all the bright colors - the flowers, the veggies, the pumpkins. She was enamored by the beauty of fall - and can you really blame her?

Layla Picking Her Pumpkin

Layla Listening To Her Pumpkin

Layla Tasting Her Pumpkin

You have to make sure it's Just Right!

Flower Tag Blanket

Wow! Finally I get to post another taggie to my shop . This one was inspired by the fall colors of the little flowers - I also wanted to create something a little different from the other taggie blankets I've seen. I added a little flower to the fleece side and some leaves that fold and crinkle - babies love, love, love that crinkly sound! I think it turned out pretty well and Layla seems to like them so I am sure other babies will enjoy them as well...

Mommy Dates 2

Well, after a rocky beginning, Maria and I finally got to hang out together (What? A week and a half ago now - I am not so good at this blogging business!) Anyway, I think we have hung out 6 or 7 times over the course of that time. We have been walking together almost everyday which is great exercise for us both and wonderful "fresh" city air for our little bambinos. They love being in their strollers and exploring the city and we love getting out of the house and having someone else to talk to. We have gone to a couple parks, Whole Foods, Reading Terminal Market, window shopping, and just plain exploring our wonderful city. It has been a lot of fun. We are finding that we have more and more in common - and aside from Motherhood, we both love crafting, creating, making and baking food. Cheers to making new friends!