Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chocolate Twizzlers, where oh where have you gone??

I have hunted and search and sought after Chocolate Twizzlers to no avail. Where oh where have they gone?? If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this candy please let me know. My husband says it's because no one likes them - especially in the South Philadelphia area. I have a hard time believing that. They used to carry them at our local CVS but every time I check for them now they are nowhere to be found: at the grocery store, convenience stores, pharmacies, target, walmart, kmart...wherever I can but the search has led to dead ends.

If you've seen this chocolatey treat anywhere I would be much obliged for it's location.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


All the Fiddle Fabs are up for YART this week. Yard sale + art = YART. It's been busy in my little shop this week with new orders, shipping, and new projects. I am working on about 6 different things right now!! I love starting new projects...I like finishing them, though, too. That is what I am focusing on this week - trying to FINISH some projects. I am excited to post some new things in my store.

Today I FINALLY posted my Interactive Tummy Time Quilt and Play Set. This project was a LOT of work - but it turned out so cute!! And one that even Layla (definitely past tummy time stage) still loves studying, playing with, and pulling the velcro texture squares off of - toddler tested and approved!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fiddle Fab-ulous Busy Blankies are here!!!

Well, I DID find something to fill the pocket square in the little busy blanket quilts I have been working on. Now here, for your viewing pleasure - before they will debut in my Etsy shop: Fiddle Fab-ulous Busy Blanket. An interactive mini quilt toy and lovey to keep little hands busy and keep little minds exploring!

They measure approximately 14" x 14". There are three texture squares, a pocket with removable (but attached) teething surprise, a peek-a-boo square, a velcro removable (but attached) crunchy paper, a squeaker, a bell, and crunchy square, and ribbons inside and out and super soft minky on the back - a true sensory experience and adventure for your little explorer!

If you are interested in buying one please visit: as I will have them posted soon.

I am anxious to see what everyone thinks...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Soup's On

One of my favorite things to make. Easy, hot, healthy, and delicious soup is one of those things to keep around for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Filled with nutrients and yummy goodness it is easy to reheat, freeze, or have right from the stock pot. Every time I make a new batch of soup I think of my Dad's Mom - she always had soup on in the kitchen. She made huge batches of it and would distribute them in cute little mason jars to the people she visited with Meals on Wheels - or just neighbors. They looked forward to received that warm cup of love and so does my family. My husband grabs it for easy meals and my toddler gobbles it up, too. It's an easy way for all of us to eat our veggies so I always try to make a batch to have handy. Usually it's some kind of chicken soup with lots of vegetables in a BIG soup pot. The aroma fills the whole house.

Today's Soup of the Day (the week, really):

1 stick of butter
1 lb of carrots
2 stalks of celery
6 onions
1 yellow pepper
1 red pepper
2 green peppers
salt and pepper to taste
1 pack of taco seasoning
1 can black beans
1 rotisserie chicken - pulled, chopped
6 bouillan packets
12 cups water
8 small cans College Inn chicken broth
1/2 lb star shaped pastina
1 frozen bag corn
1 frozen bag peas

Saute the carrots, onions, celery, and peppers in butter (add them as you finished cutting them). Add cut chicken. Add salt and pepper. Add taco seasoning. Add bouillan, water, and chicken broth. Add frozen peas and corn. When it's almost done add the cans of black beans and small star pastina. Cook on low for the day, serve for dinner and put the leftovers in containers for fridge or freezer storage.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pocket Filling Mission

I have been working on a new project for the shop - another Fiddle Fab type lovey - but the super duper deluxe version. It is quilted, has ribbons within the quilt, interactive squares within it's body, texture squares, and ribbons around the periphery. It has a soft square, a bumpy square, a smooth square, a peek-a-boo square, and a pocket square - it jingles, squeaks, and crinkles. There are lots of colors, textures, and touchables for little ones to enjoy.

Today's Mission: Find something to attach to the outside that can hide in the little pocket. It has to be something small enough to fit, but big enough not to be a choking hazard - washable, dryable, chewable...intriguing.

We will see what I can find.


Seeking : Pocket Filling Do-Dad


While out and about, my mission a success, when I came across some teethers at Babies R Us. I found two that will do the job nicely.

First Years Teething Keys
Learning Curve Fruity TeetherEither of these will work! I am going to detach them from the ring they are on and use a ribbon to attach them to the side of my Fiddle Fab Quilts - - the teether can hide in the pocket until baby takes it out, but won't get lost because it is attached to the side of the blanket! The fruity ones are adorable! They have different textures and will match two of the blankets I am currently working on PERFECTLY. The strawberry and the lemon are all ready attached. Now I will have to make one that will coordinate with the grapes....

Stay tuned...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sweet Innocence of a Warm Day

Layla enjoying her play in Grandma and Grandpa's yard. Chalk drawing, bubble blowing (which we now know the sign for), swinging (another sign we know well), collecting pet rocks...all the sweet innocence of a warm day.

Fiddle Fab

I just love to twiddle and fiddle and so does my little one - and most every other little one I've come I decided to make a new product - out of necessity and invention. Fiddle Fab - Learning Lovey : a sensory, tactile, hand held learning lovey designed with little ones in mind.

Because I all ready spent time creating the perfect words for the description I am going to copy and paste it from my item description on Etsy...I am not trying to get out blogging, I just don't want to reinvent the blanket, again.


Out of adversity comes innovation – Design and Creation…

A few months ago I had the entire stock in my shop diminished – a large corporation that makes ribbon blankets claimed I was in violation of their patent, and my Loop N Loveys were removed. Viewing message boards and Internet searches I found that I was not the first, but one of many that have been affected by the broad claims made by this company. I made several attempts to communicate with them, wanting to come to a mutual resolution, but months of waiting resulted in cookie cutter replies that simply reaffirmed their position.

After much contemplation and countless e-mails from people asking me where my Loop N Lovey blankets had gone, I decided to go back to the drawing board – creating a new design that rings true to my belief that little ones learn through play, and true to what my customers want. Better still, it is a design all my own.

Thank you so much to everyone for your kinds words about the products I create in my little home studio. Knowing that you want something different than what is currently offered in stores, has pushed me to develop something new and improved- a Sensory, Textural, and Cognitive play toy. These little loveys are for you…and all other Mommies, Daddies, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Loved Ones who want to have a choice about the products they give the little ones in their lives. These are for all of you who want something handmade; something extra special; something Looped With Love.

And without further adieu, I'd like to debut....

Fiddle Fab - Learning Lovey

With so many colors and textures, this blanket is sure to catch your little one’s attention. The front side is designer, 100% cotton, fabric. The back is made of soft, squishy, luxurious, minky. Great for comforting and touching any baby will love snuggling with it.

The periphery:

Each corner has a different set of ribbons gathered together, producing yet another tactile experience for your little one.

-One corner has a ribbon firework to help your little explorer sense groupings, feel quantities in bulk, and feel the sensation of many ribbons gathered together.

-One corner has ribbons in varying widths and heights stacked as a beginning concept to size and shape relationships.

-One corner has 5 ribbons divided by knots – a subtle beginning to mathematics and numbers.

-One corner has a teething braid and knot – another way little ones make sense of their world – through taste.

Each side has a different gathering of ribbons as well. But each side offers an array of different materials and textures to fiddle with. All of the ribbons are cut straight and sealed (no chemicals were used).

-One side has angled ribbons grouped together

-One side has ribbons in different widths and materials in a progression from shortest to longest and back down again

-One side has ribbons in the same height but with different textures and shapes

-One side simply has a plastic teething hoop for little ones to chomp on. This circle also serves as a carrying O and hanging device – the perfect spot to connect to a diaper bag, stroller, or car seat with a link.

This fiddle toy has many different coordinating ribbons in varying lengths, widths, materials, and textures forming a great sensory experience for your little love. Each ribbon is straight cut and sealed (without chemicals) to avoid fraying and has been triple stitched for extra security. The ribbons are made of satin, grosgrain, rikrak, and other trims – creating a unique textural adventure. Your little explorer will love feeling the different surfaces.

Fiddle Fabs are the perfect cognitive play and comfort companion for your little one. They are portable – fit easily in a diaper bag and fasten quickly to a stroller with a link. This lovey measures approximately 12" x 12", not including ribbons, and is the perfect size for little hands to manipulate, cuddle, hug, and hold.

Because they are handmade, the ribbons may vary.

Machine washable – warm/cold cycle, tumble-dry low, or hang

check out to see this and many other patterns and designs.

Replacement Products!

Okay, so it has been MONTHS since my last post...I really am not so good with maintaining a blog - but I am going to try harder. Life is so busy - but, no excuses. I am happy to report that my broken Fiskars quilting products are going to be replaced! Did you know most companies have this type of service? If your product is malfunctioning, dysfunction-ing, non-functioning, or defunked - you can often get a replacement for free (most times you don't even have to pay shipping!) All you have to do is e-mail customer service with your problem and they will usually tell you to send a picture of the broken product - so make sure you keep it around long enough for a photo shoot. This is a recent revelation for me - probably out of pregnancy boredom, thinking how things should work the way they are supposed to I e-mailed a toy maker about a problem with a toy I bought for Layla-to-be. Sure enough they sent me a replacement - now I do this with all things defunked. They sure don't make things the way they used to....but at least you can get a replacement.