Replacement Products!

Okay, so it has been MONTHS since my last post...I really am not so good with maintaining a blog - but I am going to try harder. Life is so busy - but, no excuses. I am happy to report that my broken Fiskars quilting products are going to be replaced! Did you know most companies have this type of service? If your product is malfunctioning, dysfunction-ing, non-functioning, or defunked - you can often get a replacement for free (most times you don't even have to pay shipping!) All you have to do is e-mail customer service with your problem and they will usually tell you to send a picture of the broken product - so make sure you keep it around long enough for a photo shoot. This is a recent revelation for me - probably out of pregnancy boredom, thinking how things should work the way they are supposed to I e-mailed a toy maker about a problem with a toy I bought for Layla-to-be. Sure enough they sent me a replacement - now I do this with all things defunked. They sure don't make things the way they used to....but at least you can get a replacement.


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