Eating Best = Books!

We LOVE some of the Earth's Best food products - in particular, the French Toast Sticks, Blueberry Waffles, Crunchin' Cheddar Crackers, and CHICKEN NUGGETS (I sure wish they made these in adult-size portions!) and when I found out about the partnership rebate program between Earth's Best and Barnes and Noble I was super excited! I want to share the rebate slip with those of you who are also fans for the food - and the books.

It's only good for about another week - so get to your grocery store!

In our house these food UPC labels will equal Curious George Books for Christmas! (Shhhh...our little secret!) If you spend $25 in products you will get a giftcard for $10 to the bookstore - and each household can submit TWO offer forms! If you are anything like we are, and all ready have these delicious items in your house - you might as well stock up and cut the UPCs.


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