Another Blank Canvas!

Another Blank Canvas - the OTHER closet door. Yes, this girl has more closet space than most adults! (and yet it still never seems like enough.) This is a much smaller closet by the book wall. I wanted to do something to make this space interactive as well. I decided to make it a puzzle door - we have a bunch of diptic (2 piece) puzzles. My husband came to the painting rescue (again) and put 3 coats of magnetic paint onto the door. I put some magnetic adhesive strips onto the backs of the puzzle pieces and Voila - a puzzle wall! So simple, but so much fun.

Step 1: Gather Supplies - Puzzle, Magnetic Tape, Scissors

Step 2: Cut the magnetic tape to the proper length for your puzzle pieces
Step 3: Peel paper from back of magnetic strips and adhere them to each piece of puzzle.

Step 4: Stick them to a magnetic surface - Here we tested them on the fridge. Aren't these puzzle doubles adorable!? The graphics are so cute and I love that there are some colors other than the primary - gray, fuschia, maroon, lilac, aqua, beige - too cute!

Here they are on the Puzzle Wall.


Carrie said…
Looks awesome! Such an easy thing to change up as she gets older, too. Adding more difficult puzzles from time to time will be a piece of cake!!
(And without a puzzle mess all over!)
Jessica Perkins said…
You are so right, Carrie - No Puzzle Floor Mess! And I am all ready keeping my eyes open for some more good puzzles for the wall! :)

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