First Nap in New Room

Layla's First Nap in her new room - in her new bed!

We have been co-sleeping since she's been born. When she was about 16 months old she went into her own bed, but it is also in our room so when she wakes up in the morning to nurse we are in close proximity and we can both fall back to sleep together.

She absolutely loves her new room. It's the first place she wants to go when she wakes up in the morning and when she wakes up from a nap. So I thought it might be a good way to transition her into her own space - at least for nap time. I tried to put her to sleep in there today but she did not fall asleep: even though she said "I tired. nap." She laid down and we cuddled but she couldn't fall asleep - I think there is just too much excitement still. So we went to our bedroom and she fell asleep and I ever so gingerly made the transfer from there to her room - so when she wakes she will be able to play and explore. Eebee is there to keep her company.


Anonymous said…
Good job, Mom! Keep it up! She'll get used to her own space really quickly when she realizes she can wake up and play!!!
Rebecca Harkin said…
What a lucky little girl to have such a cheerful room with all the details thought-through and lovingly executed!

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