Plan Toys

Plan Toys makes some of the coolest wooden play things for little explorers. They aren't handmade, but most are eco-friendley, colorful, cute, and educational. The kitchen set is by far one of my favorites, but there are many in their arsenal I wouldn't mind having in Layla's room...
breakfast in bedTea Set - look at those tea bags - and the sugar bowl has real sugar "cubes" in it!
A definite must have - as Layla LOVES music...the Percussion set
Sorting Cone - great for building cognitive thinking and puzzle solving....

When I am done with all of my projects maybe I will take up woodworking - I have some great ideas that I would love to see become tangible, wooden creations....another canvas!


Carrie said…
I love these toys! The tea set and breakfast sets are AWESOME!

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