She'd LikeABike

So a little more than a week ago I came across this super cool LikeABike for little ones aged 2-5. What a BRILLIANT concept. It is a "bike" without pedals for kids to "scoot" around on. Instead of the traditional bike, training wheeled way, this only has too wheels. The child actually Learns to BALANCE the bike. At first they will stand, walking with it. Then they will sit and walk with it. And eventually they learn to walk, run, scoot with it - lifting their feet to glide around. The whole balance concept just makes sense to me. Training wheels don't really prepare you for a two-wheeled experience: they don't teach you how to balance the bike by yourself. This new version will give little ones an early lesson in physics and gravity - and prepare their skills for two-wheel-pedal riding. I mean, it's just smart.

Although right now, smart, comes with a large price tag. A whopping $315 for this bike-riding experience. When these become more mainstream (and believe me, they will) I am sure they will become more affordable. But right now, a Mom can dream, can't she? Maybe for Christmas we can all chip in...or maybe I can find a used one somewhere....


I showed Layla the video. No, I was watching the video and the cute music caught her attention and she came to watch the video. "Again. Again" - she signed. "More. More." So we watched it more. "Bike." "Yes, Layla, that is a bike. He's scooting on a bike. Doesn't that look like fun?" "Ohhhh. Kay." She says.


Today we went to the park with her. She didn't want to share the slide, but she persevered with our persuasion. I noticed a LikeABike - and quietly pointed it out to my husband (because I was surprised to see one.) Layla didn't miss a beat. "Bike! Bike!" She exclaimed. The Dad was all ready on his way to put the bike in the car. "Bike!" she said again. She ran after the boy who's bike it was. She turned back to Mom and Dad.

With the true-est of true, real-est of real, serious of serious faces, she said: "Bike. Bike."
She Started signing and said with a stern voice "Sharrrre."


I guess Mama knows little girl IS ready for a bike.


Carrie said…
HAHAHA!!! Great story. Tim and I used to see a little boy scooting around on one in Rittenhouse, and we thought they were sooo cool. You used to only be able to import them from the netherlands. I don't know how it is now, but a few years ago we had looked them up. I think they were even more expensive when we looked then!!
Courtney said…
Here is a cheaper version for you...

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