Cutest Little Hat!!

The other day we received a package in the mail from our very dear friend Carrie. Layla opened the parcel to find some very crafty packages inside. One of these perfect presents contained an ADORABLE...and I mean adorable....hand knit hat for Layla. The colors are perfect and I later found out that the knit flower UNBUTTONS so it can be a distraction in the doctor's office or car ! Perfect for working on fine motor skills. Now I am going to try to talk her into knitting more little flowers so we can interchange the colors to match our outfits! Absolutely sweet.

If you are interested in similar items you can check out her Etsy page for more decadent hand knit creations.


Anonymous said…
Yay! Cute pix... I just whipped up a ton of little flowers for you guys to pick from. Hopefully they match alright!!

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