Monday, February 22, 2010

EtsyKids Team Design Challenge - Outer Space

I recently became a member of the EtsyKids Team! This month's CHALLENGE is Outer Space and I entered my Make a Match Memory - Space Edition.

Go to or check the SIDE BAR on this Blog page to vote for your favorite Design in this month's Challenge! :) Mine is listed under MamaMayi

If you are interested in purchasing this set for your little one or gifting it they can be found at for $21.00 a set.


MaryAnne said...

Very cute!

carriestrine said...

Awesome, Jess. I love these!! Good luck!!!

passport in my pocket said...

Congrats! I'll forward to my mommy friends :)

trimko said...

FUN there really is nothing more wonderful and more demanding all of yourself as being a SAHM! Pretty blog!