Valentine's Heart Crayons

I have had this project in queue for quite some time now. Maybe I am a little obsessive compulsive, but I hate having so many broken crayon nubs around. And don't get me started on all those crayons that Layla has decided to peel the paper away from - these poor, nameless crayons! Needless to say, ever since we have had a box of broken, paperless crayons around the house I've wanted to melt them down into nifty-shaped chunkies to explore with. With Valentine's day here I had the perfect excuse - heart-shaped chunky to give to
little friends.

1. I started by taking all the papers off the broken crayons.
2. Then I arranged the broken chunks into the silicone heart-shapes
3. Put them in the oven at 225 degrees for about 15 minutes - until the crayons were JUST melted. Because I used multiple colors I didn't want to move them, for fear of the colors running into one another. I just turned the oven off until they set completely.
4. Then I pulled the hearts out of the cupcake shapes
5. I packaged them in individual cellophane wrappers with a note that said: "You make my heart scribble!"


This brings me back.... My mom always turned our broken crayons into big ones too :) Never though of making shapes though. I do remember the stink of melting and cooking them though especially the off brand ones. Yuck. Did you know they actually make a crayon melter Kinda cool but stove is free lol. I love your heart crayons. The big wide part would make some cool designs.
Anonymous said…
These are adorable!!! Layla probably loves the hearts!

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