Activity Rings

I recently purchased these little Activity Rings for our Learning Closet. I LOVE open-ended toys and this one seemed perfect for imaginative play. There are 6 different rubber rings about
3" in diameter. The bright colors help teach color concepts. We use them as "sorting rings". With Pom Poms and Mini Kush Balls we sort by color - she finds the appropriate matching rings. Sometimes we "throw" the balls in the right color rings. She uses them as "ice skates" and puts her feet in two of them to skate around the house in. She makes sure I have a pair as well. I love toys like this that are so simple and leave a lot of room for imagination because little ones have an endless supply of that. I can see us coming up with new ways to use these as she grows.


Michelle said…
I do too..and since we homeschool I'm always looking for activities for the littles to do while i work with the big kids. Great idea.
Anonymous said…
Hi there! I was wondering if I can purchase activity rings from you??? I'm having such a hard time finding them!!! If not, do you know where I could find them? Thank you:)

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