Natural Science Museum

We brought the little ones on a great adventure last week.
Fun Fridays. We always get together and do something.
This time we went to the Natural Science Museum.
It's a cute little place in Center City.
The Dinosaurs and Stuffed Animals didn't really captivate their interests.

But the butterfly exhibit did.

And so did the "Outside In" exhibit - in the kids space upstairs.
This was their favorite part. Much more hands-on and exploratory. They played in the sandbox. Watched Turtles and Fish.
Pet a Hissing Cockroach. Built Puzzles. Read Books.
Learned about a Legless Lizzard. And Talked to Cowie the CowBird. Good Times.

I wish the whole museum was more "hands on". It was a great way to learn more about nature.

Oh, yeah...and did I mention we walked 9 miles on this day?


carrie said…
So cool! I never even knew this place was in Philly! Does your new membership thing get you in there?!

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