Monday, June 21, 2010

Bakery Bliss

There is a little bakery near our house that makes my husband's FAVORITE rolls. I recently discovered they make cookies, too. Homemade, Italian cookies - Yum! They close early, as soon as they are "sold out" but on our way home from Baby Gym, we found their doors to be open. So we sneaked in for a look...and a taste.


Buga said it : "...tastes like the rainbow."

I don't exactly know what the rainbow tastes like...but I couldn't agree more!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sesame Street Color Fun

We made these cute little Sesame Street Popsicle Stick Puppets to help with our colors. They are easy to bring with us and "match" things around the house, park, and store. I just copied pages from a coloring book to make the heads, colored them their respective colors and put a little piece of tape of the to keep them on their coordinated-colored popsicle stick. Buga really liked helping me make these and they are great characters for Color Wheel.

*You could laminate them if you wanted them to be more durable.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Can you tell me how to to get to Sesame Streeeet!

We had an extra day during the week and made the most of it by going to Sesame Place. Recently we passed by it while the dark....and Buga shouted "Elmo...I see Elmo. And Big Bird!" and all the adults in the car looked at each other...wondering what she could possibly be talking about. When we realized there was a water tower with none-other than Elmo and Big Bird. So on our day off we thought it would be a great treat to surprise our little one with a trip to 123 Sesame Street.

She was sooooo excited! It turned out to be a great family day and she is still talking about all the fun we had....and all her "friends" that were there. We turned our day pass into Season
Passes so we will definitely being going back again soon. She is already talking about it. "We go again soon. To see my friends." Elmo. Bert. Ernie. Big Bird. Groucher (Oscar the Grouch). Zoe. Cabby-Cabby (Abby Cadabby). the Count. Telly. Rosita.

Most of the rides and things are water related. But it was a HOT spring day, so we certainly didn't mind. Buga didn't want to get out of the water so that's where we spent most of our time. We did get out long enough to see the parade which she LOVED (I a person at a rock star having the opportunity to touch the rock star!)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

*New Product* Sensory Coloring Sorting Play Set

*New Product*

Color-Sort your world!

This beautiful color-sorting mat has been quilted together with an array of rainbow colors, 10 in all: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black, and White. It is almost a yard (36”) long and can easily be rolled up and toted around for an indoor or outdoor color adventure. Delight your little explorer’s senses with this bright and playful sorting set. There are 8 different sets of textural manipulatives to organize, categorize, and sort: Ribbon, Paper, Felt, Buttons, Yarn, Rocks, Wooden Coins, and Paint Swatches. Encourage a dee
per understanding of color concepts and art while nurturing fine motor skills, cognitive thinking, and problem solving with this beautiful learning toy.

All the many pieces of this set come in a drawstring pouch for portability. Have your little one reach into the bag, no peeking, to find something – round, soft, thin, smooth, rough, big, little, square, wooden, bumpy, stringy…..the possibilities to expand vocabulary is endless! Take turns pulling out an item and finding where it belongs on the mat. Watch as the interactive Rainbow Collage unfolds before your eyes.

Blue as the sky, as the ocean, as blueberries - Different shades and tints, b
ut all the same “color”. Brown as mud, as tree bark, as an earthworm. Pink as a lollipop, lipstick, or “Pink Sky at Night.”

Use this set as a conversation starter to discuss our world of color.
Use this set as a puzzle to encourage sorting and organization.
Use this set as a game to excite little artists.
Use this set to foster new perspectives of how we look at the colors all around us.

Enjoy playing and discovering our colorful world…time and time again.

* This Play Set contains SMALL PARTS and is not suitable for children who put things in their mouths. *

• As with all Toys, children should be supervised while at play. *

the Sensory Color Sorting Play Set can be found at Mama May i Shop

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

*New Product* Rainbow Silkies - Perfect Play Scarves!

Tents, hats, dresses, wands, capes, veils, picnic blankets, canopies, fairy wings, peek-a-boo playtime…the open-ended possibilities of Play Silks are endless. Inspire your little one’s imagination with these brightly colored scarves. Create, Play, Dance, and Enjoy this soft and whimsical set playtime after playtime.

PlaySilkies can be found at Mama May i Shop

Monday, June 7, 2010

Painting with Water

Painting with Water
What you will Need:
Coffee Filters
Heavy Duty Paper Towels
Black NON-Permanent Marker
Paint Brush (Medicine Dropper, mini sponge...whatever you'd like)

1. On different pieces of paper towels and coffee filters draw with a non-permanent black
marker. I made different shapes.
2. Put Paper towel on a placemat or newspaper
3. "Paint" with water over the lines on the paper-towel drawing
4. Watch the marker smear, dribble, smudge, expand
5. Take note of the colors you see. It's not just black. Black is made up of many colors so wh
en the liquid disperses the marker you can see different colors!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boston Children's Museum

This was by far one of the BEST children's museums that I've ever been to. It came as sort of a surprise, because I didn't know what to expect. It was my first time in Boston and I knew the children's museum had a Curious George exhibit so we definitely had to go. Another successful Family Day...we all truly enjoyed our time there. The exhibits. The Space. The natural light. It was so much fun.

Buga's Favorite, Best Friends...Ever.

Enjoying climbing outside in the sun, sun, sun :)

Working on our Fine Motor Skills -
threading recycled peanuts, tissue paper, and clear straws
onto a piece of yarn for Lei Day.

Ohhhhhhh the Bubbles!!!!
I think we had more fun with this than ANYONE!! :)
There is something so magical about Bubbles.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Product - Rainbow Block Starter Set

New Product !!!

There is nothing like simple blocks to spark the imagination. You can create, dawdle, build, roll, and explore endlessly with this starter set of 1” blocks. A dozen (12) blocks in all – two of each color - are enough to build a rainbow. Allow your little engineer to explore physics, gravity, balance, and structure. Help build fine motor skills while practicing the simple, yet challenging, act of stacking the blocks on top of one another. How high you can build your skyscraper tower before the blocks come tumbling down? Match the colored block pairs together to practice beginner color recognition.

Bundled together in a drawstrings pouch, for easy clean-up and storage, this set is the perfect size to keep around the house or bring with you on trips to restaurants, the doctor’s office, or grandma’s house. Your little one will enjoy this classic toy time and time again.

Each block measures 1” and has been painted with non-toxic watercolor paint. They have been lightly sealed with a mixture of all-natural beeswax and jojoba oil to enhance their color and durability.

*Due to their size, these blocks are not suitable for children under 3 or those who still put things in their mouths. As with all toys, little ones should be supervised while at play.*