Cart Picnic

Sometimes when we go out shopping I just need a little time to ... you know, shop. It is so much easier to get this task done when I don't have to chase after a 2-year old. She has her own priorities, her own thoughts about where to go, her own shopping list. Sometimes I just need a little time to check things off my list, but no matter what I bribe her with, there is always a fight about sitting in the shopping cart. So I developed a way to make shopping a little more fun and easier on the both of us: Cart Picnics. I pack a, snacks, sippy cup, blanket, friends... I put the blanket in the bottom before we even get inside the store and set it up and get to enjoy a little shopping while she is contained.

Here's Buga enjoying some of her snacks:
Pretzels and Cream Cheese Dip
Grapes and Strawberries with Vanilla Yogurt Dip


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