Friday, January 14, 2011

Target Circle

Every time we go to Target (the big ones) they have a circle cutout near the front entrance of the store. Buga LOVES to "sit in the circle". I don't know what about it is so fascinating or appealing, but there is something magical that happens in that circle - and it provides the perfect opportunity for photo shoot pictures! She hams it up in no other place more...I am grateful for those smiles, for sure! Now, if only we could get our shopping done, too...


Jessica Moe said...

I kind of get it, she's in a gigantic shape. That's exciting the same way those giant shoe chairs and the great big spoon and cherry in minneapolis are exciting. It's almost like an art installation! Eli loves the "BAWS!" outside of our target. (red concrete balls on the sidewalk.

trimko said...

Those Target marketing folks are genius! Really the only "big box" shopping excursion we do is to Target. My boys know the target logo from millions of miles away and the large concrete spheres outside certainly will be part of their childhood memory.

Your daughter is super cute!