Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Mommy Interview

I had to post "The Mommy Interview" as a follow up to the Daddy Valentine because I like the idea of having Buga's thoughts and words documented at this time of her life. Now that she is 3 years old she has so much to say...and I absolutely love the way she expresses it.

The Mommy Interview :

I like it when Mommy and and go in the pool - like when I swim with my arm things.

I like when Mommy helps hard work.

I love Mommy as much as...special treats.

I like to help Mommy...plant seeds in the garden and do some special games.

Mommy is special to me because...she's a big helper.

It makes me happy when me a nice big hug.

Mommy is as sweet as...a Ballerina.

I like Mommy so much because...I love her.

I like when Mommy and I play...hopscotch on the rocks and lily pads and when we dance dance dance.

Daddy's Valentine

We worked ON Valentine's Day to create this cute little something to give to Daddy as a present. If we had made it any sooner, it wouldn't have been a Valentine's surprise, because Buga can't keep a secret like that! We started the interview last week for this week's project and I just love how it turned out. I will include the writing prompts I used in case you want to do something like this with your little one in the future.

1. Cut out a paper heart whatever size you wish.

2. Glue tissue squares to the heart cutout, trying to cover the entire paper. We both contributed to this process because I wanted it to be completely covered, but you can let your little one do this job by him/herself if you would rather. This process works fine motor skills, patience, and coordination.

3. Make sure you cover the whole heart. It's okay if the tissue paper overlaps and hangs off the paper.

4. Turn the heart over and trim (or have your little one trim) the excess tissue paper. I found the tissue to be a little to sticky and tricky for Buga to do this by herself, so I helped.

5. This is what the heart will look like when it's done! <3

6. On a larger piece of blank paper, I traced the heart so I knew where the heart would be. I made a scalloped edging with a Sharpie. I then wrote Buga's interview answers around the heart, separating them with a <3>

7. We glued the heart onto the paper where the outline was.


I think it turned out cute - cute enough for Daddy to hang up at work....which he did bring it with him this morning, so he must have liked it a lot (enough to remember it before he left for work!) -- what really makes it special are the sweet answers that Buga gave to the interview prompts. Something so sweet for him to read and be reminded of on a hard day.

These were Buga's Answers to "Her Daddy Interview" :

I like it when Daddy and I...go to the park together.

I love when Daddy...draws with me - especially about the bank (his work).

I love Daddy as much as...Me.

I like to help Daddy...shovel the snow.

Daddy is special to me because...he's really special.

It makes me happy when...Daddy drives me to the aquarium.

Daddy is as sweet as...a cookie.

I love Daddy so much because...he's my best friend.

I like when Daddy and I play...zoo and when we play in the sandbox making cake and cookies together.


Interview Prompts:

1. I like it when Daddy/Mommy and I...

2. I love when Daddy/Mommy...

3. I love Daddy/Mommy as much as...

4. I like to help Daddy/Mommy...

5. Daddy/Mommy is special to me because...

6. It makes me happy when Daddy/Mommy...

7. Daddy/Mommy is as sweet as...

8. I love Daddy/Mommy so much because...

9. I like when Daddy/Mommy and I play...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart Bank

This is such a simple task....especially for a 3 year old! But I love the idea of hearing her count the hearts as the plunk into the tub. I also like watching her as she unscrews the lid to dump them all out and start over again. This would be a great fine motor skill builder for a younger child (18 months-ish), but we have fun counting and sorting the "coins".

The hearts are those little plastic favors...I found at the dollar store. The little plastic tub also came from the dollar store and I just used a razor blade to cut out a hole in the top large enough for the hearts to fit in.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Transferring

This was one of our transferring activities for the Heart Theme. We had a playdate today and all the girls loved scooping the hearts and putting them into the heart shaped ice cube spots. It's a simple way to practice fine motor skills, coordination, and patience. Scoop up the heart, bring it to the tray, empty it out. If you want you can add patterning : Red, Pink, Red, Pink, Red, Pink...Buga really enjoys this task.

Valentine's Shape Sorting Candy Boxes

I made this because Buga has been very interested in cutting straight lines, sorting them, and gluing them down, so I wanted to make one related to our Love Unit. I thought she would like the idea of chocolates (again!) and made it available for other little learners to use and learn with, too. Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

You can download a copy of this activity HERE

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Button Heart & Tutorial

Tutorial Can Be Seen HERE

I made this as one of our Centers for our Love, Valentine's, Heart, Caring Unit. It is a Valentine's Day Candy "Box" to help Buga enhance her fine motor skills through buttoning. She always WANTS to button, but it's a difficult task for little fingers, so I wanted to give her a fun way to practice.

I think it can be a little frustrating sometimes, but we work on it together and she enjoys the feeling of accomplishment when we get chocolates in the box.

I also made it a matching game, just in case the buttoning part was too difficult, I wanted her to still feel positive about the game - matching the chocolate shapes appropriately to their wrappers...we discuss the shape names and how many sides they have. It was fun to make - I just love that I have a little time right now to make things for US again! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Highlights High Five !!

Highlights High Five definitely got a High Five from my will-be-3-in-a-week Year Old !! We received our first issue in the mail this week and she keeps wanting to read it over and over again. From Cover to Cover it is probably only about a 20-30 minute read, but it can take longer if you are engaging and I am just so excited she wants to read it even after the initial "I Got Mail" has worn off !! :) I think I am going to ask for some subscriptions to other magazines for her birthday this year. What a great addition to our reading space.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Modern Handmade Child Spring 2011

I am so honored and excited to be a part of the Modern Handmade Child Magazine this month!! Check out the 7-page interview, pictures, and more starting on page 48!!!

Modern Handmade Child