Valentine's Day Button Heart & Tutorial

Tutorial Can Be Seen HERE

I made this as one of our Centers for our Love, Valentine's, Heart, Caring Unit. It is a Valentine's Day Candy "Box" to help Buga enhance her fine motor skills through buttoning. She always WANTS to button, but it's a difficult task for little fingers, so I wanted to give her a fun way to practice.

I think it can be a little frustrating sometimes, but we work on it together and she enjoys the feeling of accomplishment when we get chocolates in the box.

I also made it a matching game, just in case the buttoning part was too difficult, I wanted her to still feel positive about the game - matching the chocolate shapes appropriately to their wrappers...we discuss the shape names and how many sides they have. It was fun to make - I just love that I have a little time right now to make things for US again! :)


Stopping over from High Paw/Best Toys for Toddlers. I love this activity! Great job! You have a wonderful blog! Kerri
Anonymous said…
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Jessica Perkins said…
Thanks for the LOVE and following our blog. Happy Exploring!

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