Sunday, September 25, 2011


We played with this stuff in the project room at the Please Touch Museum and had to buy some before we left. A whole new texture to playdough - it's supposed to never dry out. Buga has been enjoying this new textural medium immensely. It's kind of therapeutic to mush and mash.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Coffee Filter Butterflies

With the transformation of our butterflies we wanted to do an art project to celebrate. These coffee filter butterflies turned out to be a great example of process art...and totally whimsically cute finished. Buga loved spraying the spray bottle and watching the ink drip drop and slide. Simply beautiful.

Here she is....intense...working on her creations.
Unaware of what the coffee filters would become.
Here is a photo of all our designs...awaiting the next step: water.
We hung them on a clothes line.
And sprayed them with a spray bottle - this was Buga's favorite part.
And we watched the magic happed. drip. slip. drop. glide. slide. mix. mingle.
And here is the little cutie.
Pinched in the middle and held securely in place with a clothespin body.
Here are more butterfly beauties...