Boo's Dolliloop

I love when my little one's are left to discover and play with things I've created and made for them. It truly warms my heart like nothing other. Boo absolutely LOVES her Dolliloop. I didn't think she would be ready to play with it for a while, but at 3 months she has already developed a love and bond with her little lovey. She holds her, grabs her, explore her hair...


Hi Jessica! This is super cute!! Do you ever create these dolls for your Etsy shop?
Jessica Perkins said…
Hi Kelly! Thank you so much for your support. I am sorry this comment got lost in cyberspace. I DO still {want to} make these, but just haven't had a chance to in a while. I am hoping to have these available again in the future. Keep checking back for some new products!

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