Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mobile Fun

I didn't realize how much little ones liked mobile until Boo arrived. I quickly learned that even a fussy, high needs baby, could be soothed by a little smackeral of something floating or moving overhead. At home we have this wonderful Butterfly Mobile that quickly became a favorite.

At my Mom's house, I had to improvise and found a simple way to create some eye candy that our little one absolutely loves looking at.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Sorting Dish

Christmas Sorting!

Buga used her wooden tongs to sort some Christmasy objected in a simple divided tray.
We had bows, ornaments, shaped erasers, and bells.
I put all the objects in the middle and she had to separate them into categories.

Next time I will build in some other ways to sort -
like bows, and then different colored bows so she could sort by type or by color.
It was a good little something-to-keep-her-busy
while I packaged up some things to be sent out.
Here they are all sorted.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree!!
Oh Christmas Tree!!
How Felt-y Are Your Branches!

I recently had the idea for Buga's room - a Christmas Tree!
I used to decorate my room growing up for all the holidays, Christmas in particular
and I thought it would be fun for Buga to have her own little place
to decorate for the upcoming holiday.
She has a flannel board on one of her closet doors - the perfect tree-hanging spot!
So I went to the craft store and bought a yard of green felt.
We cut out a Christmas Tree Shape.

With Felt scraps I had around the studio, I cut out some Christmas Ball Ornament Shapes. While I packaged things up she used her glitter glue, felt shapes, and buttons to decorate them. We usually do a tropical-colored themed Christmas - hence the bright, non-traditional colors!

When they dried she got to decorate her tree. The felt ornaments stuck to the felt tree on the flannel board. Magic! She loved that they did this. She kept arranging and rearranging her masterpiece until she got it looking just the way she wanted to
(not the way I would have done it, but I tried to keep quiet while she created.)

And here we decorated it together later...a little more the way I would have done it!
I am a little Type A - can't you tell?

Needless to say I think it was a hit because every visitor that we've had so far has been shown the grand tour - Oh Christmas Tree. She keeps un-decorating and re-decorating the tree....
so that's a success in my book!

It was totally inexpensive.
A project that involved her every step of the way.
And one she keeps playing and pretending with.

We will do this again next year....maybe adding some garland or candy canes...or ginger-people!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Candy Cane Tape Relief Painting

Highlights High Five magazine came in the mail this week. Buga ALWAYS heads straight for the "Make This" and "Cook This" section. This month they did painting projects with tape - so that when you peel the tape away the negative space shows through. She immediately wanted to do it. And I wanted to make it Holiday Festive so we could hang them on the door. I decided to try candy canes and use red paint. I cut out the candy cane shapes from white Tyvek envelopes - - I was busy packaging up orders and happened to spot a stack of them - - I thought they would glisten differently because of the shininess ofthe envelope...and the contrast of the matte red paint - and I didn't have painter's tape handy, so I wanted to make sure that the tape I used would peel away easily from the paper. Needless to say, you could use any kind of paper you want, but it may work better with some kind of non-permanent tape - like painter's tape...and if you had different widths, that would be even cooler. But this is what I had available, so here's what we used:

Tyvek envelopes - I think about 6
Red Paint
Paint Brush
Splat Mat (we used last night's pizza box)

I cut out candy canes from the envelopes in two different sizes. Buga helped me cut the tape (though I did most of the tape cutting).

Buga was in charge of tape placement.
So she went about putting the tape wherever she wanted on the candy cane cutouts.

When we were finished we used red paint to paint all over the visible white space.

Next time I do this I am going to add some peppermint extract
to the red paint so it will smell like Christmas, too.
Won't that be fun??

When the paint dried (not too long which was good for Buga's impatience),
we peeled the tape away to reveal the white underneath.

I love how they turned out - imperfect - but you know they are candy canes.
The lines are a little crooked and fun.
Ohh, they look great on our front door!
And we get to see them every time we walk into the house.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So Excited for New Products

Lil Boo's Bakery - Here is one of Buga's Christmas present this year. Though she hasn't "tested it yet", I know she is going to just *love* it, so I am posting them in the shop for other little entrepreneur cookie-enthusiasts. I love how all the pieces came together in this boxed tin....perfect.

Lil Boo's Bakery-in-a-box

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ribbon Dancing

I have used these Flutter Fly Streamers with Buga before - but she has really started to get into them and is now able to use them in a myriad of different dances. I love how amazing her rhythm is. We try to have music time every morning while I cook breakfast. I pull out instruments, or Silkies, or our Flutter Fly Streamers for her to use as props while she moves to the music. This morning we had the FFS out and she loved them. She came up with ways to move them that I didn't even think of. She loves everything musical. Magical.


These Flutter Fly Streamers can be found in my shop:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mama May i Stocking Stuffers

In need of some Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays?

Mama May i has the perfect goodies
to make your little one's stocking special this Christmas!