Mama May i Stocking Stuffers

In need of some Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays?

Mama May i has the perfect goodies
to make your little one's stocking special this Christmas!


Jeannette said…
Which of these toys are best for the 6-9 month age range? They are all so cute!
Jessica Perkins said…
I would say: 2, 5, 8, and 9! I'm so glad you like them :) Lillian Love her Fidgets and Dolliloop (dolls aren't listed right now). She also likes her loveys....anything soft and cuddly that can become a security blanket - especially if we sleep with it and it smells like me. And the Sound Gizmo (but I think there is only one of those left). She likes chewing on the ribbons of the Sound Bird...and chewing on anything in general. Right now she just teethes on the Bambino Bamboozles set, but once she is between...oh, about 10-12 months old I think she is going to love "putting them together". What do you guys do special for the holidays? This is baby Hannah's First Christmas...are you starting any traditions?

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