Thursday, April 30, 2015

Still Life Landscape with Kids

I absolutely love this little "landscape still life" Layla drew this afternoon. She set up the piano bench right by our front door to use as a drawing table. She looked outside onto the street to draw something that caught her fancy. 

She said "Mama, that tree across the street is just sooooooo big!! Isn't it?? It goes so high up!!" 

---I don't particularly think the tree is that big in comparison to the others, but to her 7-year-old self this tree is massive. So she drew it as such...and I LOVE it. 

I love that she took both something she SAW and mixed it with her brain's INTERPRETATION of what she saw to create a piece meaningful to her. 

I am always inspired by her perspective. I love these glimpses into her Spirit. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

What if we raised eachother up

I recently came across a video I shared on Mama May I Facebook page about a beautiful woman photoshopping herself in order to show a visual depiction of the internal angst we often feel when others critique and criticize us in the very public social media world. I thought the video was very clever and have always been tormented by my own self esteem issues that (as a parent) I've become very cognizant of. 

My children view their bodies and their self worth in such an empowering, beautiful way.

I wish I hadn't let society take that brilliance from my vision. And I'm working really diligently to own my beauty and my self acceptance and self love now that I can see what's been going on all these years. Mostly because my children have inspired me to look more closely (and more gently) at myself. To be less critical and more grateful and to practice the kind of self love I dish out to else I meet in my journey.

Haters are going to hate. But how do we stay strong, remain strong, be self confident, radiate self love, self acceptance? ... How do we build self confidence in our children? 

The kind that's not conditional to what other people think or say? 

Practicing self love? Is that even enough? In a world filled with so much judgment, hate, hurt, so easily accessible with social do we teach our children to tune out the negative, venomous spewing and hold on to the beautiful positivity they think and feel when they look in the mirror now..

At their young ages, my girls embrace their powerful beings and showcase their "I got this" attitudes. And yet, my 7-year old is already beginning to be conflicted in trying to understand "beauty" and where she fits in. Why does that positivity fade over time? 

How can we continue to nurture and rejoice in Each Other? Broadening the scope of what is beautiful and just being more accepting human beings over all....less judgment, less hate, more love. 

The things we see and hear are internalized...they become the ticker tape of our self talk. 

Practice self love. You deserve it. 

You Are Enough. <3

What if we raised eachother up instead of tearing eachother down ? What if we were kinder to others and then mirrored that kindness onto ourselves? What if we reached out with words of love, non-judgment, acceptance.... 

Tonight I was reminded of these beautiful notecards ( ) that my friend Lizzy made...and finally had the chance to purchase them! I began to wonder what I can do to change the tickertape for others and for myself? The only way we can change the negativity is by replacing it with positivity. I am going to start with some of my closest friends and family. Those I  love and those who have inspired my journey. 

Who inspires you?  I would love to hear from you! <3 

Love and positivity to you,


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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Build a Driveway River with Aluminum Foil

I was delighted to wake up to the sunshine and bright blue skies today. Nowhere to go. Home. Well, at our cousin's house visiting, but "home" for the day. I love these laid back, pajamified mornings where we take our time eating, dressing, and waking. No need for shoes. We ran barefoot. I ran laps around the house. For exercise. For fun. For chase. For catch-me-if-you-can. 

It's on these days my little ones most remind me to slow down and breathe in the sunshine. Yes, the sunshine. Do you remember what that feels like? Just letting that solar energy waft over your entire soul while you lay on a picnic blanket reading Harry Potter with Grandma and eating red raspberries. Bliss and blue skies.

We sidewalk chalked. Rode bicycles in the drive away. Practiced yoga poses. Had a tea-party-turned-picnic. Read aloud. Played ball. Chase. Trucks. Dance-party. And then we built a river with aluminum foil (Aunt Caitlyn, we need to buy more btw!) 

This little "let's try this" project turned into an hour and a half of engaged experimentation, construction, and water play. We made the river by folding aluminum foil and sculpting the sides to reinforce the riverbank. We stacked each piece inside the other all the way down the driveway. We turned on a splash of hose water. We used plastic condiment cups as "boats" and let them sail down the rapids to the bottom. It wasn't long before they realized that the more water that went down, the faster the ride, and they began constructing dams out of twigs and rocks to collect and unleash the water. The river got stepped on a few times (thanks to the one-year-old) but the other two quickly problem-solved ways to fix and reinforce the sides. Aluminum foil was such a fun and easy construction material. What a fun way to spend our afternoon!