Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mama May I Play Photo a Day Magic of Childhood Summer

I gave myself a #photochallenge this Summer. A collection of one-a-day shots that encompass, embrace, and exemplify #childhood - sometimes #raw - sometimes #magical - always #real. I want to put them together at the end of the #Summer as a flip video to reflect on the magic and wonder if these crazy crazy years - and the fleeting nature of our moments here together. Feel free to join me if snapping photos is your thing (mine will be from my iPhone because it's totally accessible) and I am going to keep a running album of this childhood Summer. 📷 use hashtag #mamamayiplay to share your photos and check on the real, raw moments of other families in our community 💗 I took this one today 💗 if you're interested, I would love to hear who's going to join me so I can make it a point to check out your photos too! Just comment "I'm in" or something to let me know! I am so looking forward to connecting more! 💗💗💗

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Good Enough

Life right now is super super super intense. Every direction I turn there are fires to put out and hands to hold...while I'm doing those immediate things, my to-do-list is growing exponentially. It's a lot. I look at the Long List and never know where to start. Usually, it's with urgency. But the other stuff kind of ends up in the non-urgent grouping and then halts because I don't know where to start; how to start; when to start. Halts because I (type A) like it to be perfectly scheduled, planned, and executed 300%. When I know I can't give a task or project my all it just kind of goes into the never-done category. So I am writing, saying, thinking this mantra: Good Enough IS a start. It doesn't have to be Perfect to get going. I mopped my floor last night, well enough. I scheduled what I could schedule and tied up loose ends well-enough to have made a dent on each of those lists. I taught a lesson well enough to be enjoyed by my children. Doing life well enough to fulfill my responsibilities and still try to enjoy life well enough. 💗 #mamamayi #mamamayishop #getstarted #getgoing #onestepatatime #parenting #adulting #grownupproblems #enjoylife #mindfulness #mindfulliving #heartbuilding #mantra